Excited to Launch the new Refuse Fear (TM) branded apparel and accessories

People around the world have recently been paralyzed by fear.  Constantly bombarded by messages of panic and pandemic on the TV, radio, and Internet, people need to be freed from their fears. That is why I created the Refuse Fear (TM) brand of apparel and accessories. The first product in the Refuse Fear (TM) brand is the Refuse Fear (TM) baseball cap. More products are being developed and are expected to be launched soon. Don’t be paralyzed by fear. Go outside. Don’t be scared. Refuse Fear (TM).

Refuse Fear (TM) Baseball Cap
Life is risky. But you can’t let risk stop you. Refuse Fear (TM).

Order your Refuse Fear (TM) branded apparel and accessories HERE.


James Cardoza, creator of the Refuse Fear (TM) brand,  snow shoeing in Sierra Nevada Mountains.