Yellow Summer Squash Planting Seed


Yellow Summer Squash Planting Seed. Contains 10 seeds.

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Yellow Summer Squash planting seed. Contains approximately 10 seeds.

Planting Instructions:

  • Seed planting depth: 1 inch
  • Spacing: 30 inches
  • Estimated days to maturity: 44
  • Tips: Don’t just harvest once. Keep going back daily to harvest. For best quality, harvest before squash get too large, because as squash becomes larger, it becomes more fibrous.


Serving Suggestion:

Combine Yellow Summer Squash with Green Zucchini Squash and onion. Slice into rounds or “squash fries” and saute’ with butter. Season with salt, pepper, and dried parsley. Add dried shredded Parmesan Cheese for extra flavor.

Short on time? Place sliced Yellow Summer Squash and Green Zucchini Squash in a covered glass microwave safe container. Spray with olive oil spray or mix in some olive oil. Season with salt, pepper, and dried parsley.   Add dried shredded Parmesan Cheese for extra flavor.

Garnish suggestion: Top with sliced tomato for color and flavor contrast.

Meal suggestion:

  • Saute’d Green and Yellow Squash
  • Baked breaded chicken breast
  • Brown rice and quinoa


Allergy warning: Packed at site where peanuts, gluten-containing grains, milk/dairy products, chemically treated seed, and other allergens are stored.