Garden Vegetable Seed Summer Combo Pack


Summer Garden Vegetable Seed Combo Pack. Contains planting seed for: Sweet Corn, Tomato, Yellow Summer Squash, Green Zucchini Squash, and Kale

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Want to plant a summer vegetable garden but don’t know which vegetables to choose? Cardoza Distributing has you covered with the Garden Vegetable Seed Summer Combo Pack.

Contents include:

  • Green Zucchini Squash (10 seeds)
  • Yellow Summer Squash (10 seeds)
  • Tomato (Approximately 20 seeds)*
  • Kale (Approximately 200 seeds)
  • Sweet Corn (Approximately 30 seeds)

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*For best results, start tomato seed indoors in pots or containers and transplant once the plants reach at least 4-6 inches in height.

**Limited quantity. While supplies last.