Comfort Fit Vinyl Face Mask / Shield – 1980s Green Decorative Trim


Comfort fit Vinyl Face Mask / Shield – Prevent sneezing on others and prevent getting sneezed on without hiding your smile.

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Not getting sneezed on and not sneezing on others doesn’t have to mean staying inside or covering your face with a mask that conceals your smile. Prevent getting coughed and sneezed on while not hiding your face with the Comfort Fit Vinyl Face Shield, designed and sewn by Cardoza Distributing and available exclusively at

Note: So that you can sew on your own decorative trim across the top of your Comfort Fit Vinyl Face Mask / Shield, this item is shipped with the foam pad not yet attached. To attach the foam pad, simply remove the white tape from the foam pad and press firm until the foam pad is attached.

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Attn: People who wear glasses. Wearing glasses under the shield does cause the face shield to fit a bit differently than wearing it without glasses. To remedy this, you may try clipping the edges of the shield around the edge of your glasses. Due to the wide range in thickness of the wings on modern glasses, a universal solution could not be developed without significantly increasing the cost of this product.