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Privacy Policy, Affiliate Advertising, and Acessibility Disclosures

This website collects personal information when you complete customer feedback forms as well as when you call, text, fax, email or otherwise contact the site’s owner. This website and its owner may share your personal information with other businesses not owned by James V. Cardoza, as further described herein. This site may also share your information with other sites owned or controlled by James V. Cardoza as further described herein.IMPORTANT: IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS ON THIS WEBSITE, AND IMMEDIATELY CLOSE YOUR CURRENT BROWSER AND DO NOT RETURN TO THIS WEBSITE. LIKEWISE, IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED BY THE OWNERS AND/OR OPERATORS OF THE WEBSITES THAT YOU MAY CONNECT TO THROUGH THIS SITE OR OTHER SITES OWNED BY THE SAME OWNER OF THIS SITE, DO NOT ENTER ANY INFORMATION ON THE SITES TO WHICH YOU ARE REFERRED, AS THE OWNER OF THIS SITE WILL MOST LIKELY NOT BE ABLE TO CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS WITH YOUR DATA THAT IS COLLECTED BY SITES NOT OWNED OR OPERATED BY THE OWNER OF THIS SITE OR THE OTHER SITES OWNED BY THE SAME OWNER.

This website also contains links to other websites and banner advertisements from other sites. The owner of this website may sometimes receives compensation when website visitors: View the advertising banner or link; click on an advertisers link; purchase or sign up for a good or service through the outside advertisers website. When you click on a link or banner advertisement from this site that takes you to another site, you consent to a cookie being saved to your device and/or to the site you are directed to being notified that your visit to their site originated at this site.

This site and its owner also may receive a commision or other referral fee or finder’s fee when it provides your contact information to one of its referral partners or advertising partners. By submittting your information to this site’s owner through this website, or through an email address, phone number, text message number, fax number, USPS mail, in person, and/or by or through any other type or method of communicaiton with this site’s owner, you consent to this site’s owner sharing your contact information and receiving a commission, finder’s fee, or other referral fee for providing such referral.

By using this website and contacting its owner by any of the aforementioned methods or channels, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless this site’s owner for any damages you may incur as the result, diretly or indirectly of providing your contact informtion, as well as any damages you may incur directly or indirectly from working with or being contacted by any of the referral partners or associates of the owner of this site.

Affiliated Businesses and Websites Disclosure

The following websites are owned by the same person or company:

Data Collected on Social Media Websites

The owner of this website and the sites listed herein as being owned by the same owner maintains social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and may from time to time enroll in membership in additional social media websites. If you post, like, forward, share, view, comment on, or othwerwise interact with the owner of this site’s and the owner’s other sites listed herein’s social media posts, company pages, photos, comments, or other information posted on Social Media, the owner of this site and the other sites owned by the same owner may not be able to control how your personal information is used on such social media websites, and will likely have little to no control to if or how that information can/will be deleted. If you wish for your personal information to not be collected or distributed in connection with the use of the social media pages, posts, comments, or photos that are created or maintained by the owner of this website and the other sites listed as being owned by the same owner, do not post, like, share, comment on, add photos to, or otherwise interact with such social media websites, as the owner of this site cannot control what the social media sites do with the information they collect.

Notice and Removal of Private Information

If you wish to be advised of what information of yours has been collected and/or distributed and to whom/where, or if you wish to have any personal information that you submitted deleted, please send a text message to: 1+ 559-492-6685 including your name and the type of information you think you may have submitted or the type of information that you think this site may have collected, and diligent efforts will be made to comply with your request, advise you of what information was collected, and to delete the information requested.

Data Security Practices

To protect the safety and security of your personal information, the owner of this site uses a multi-faceted approach to data privacy and security, including: 1.) SSL website security; 2.) Hosting email and website data on servers owned and managed by nationally recognized software and hosing companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Godaddy, and HostPapa; 3.) Working with nationally recognized third party service providers to fulfill product and/or service orders, such as VistaPrint and Amazon; 4.) Never collecting or storing credit card or social security numbers – if your credit card or social security number is required, you will be directed to a nationally recognized third party processor such as PayPal where you can enter your credit card information safely and securely; 5.) Making site administrator connections to the website servers only through secure, virtual private network (VPN) connections; 6.) Not sharing site/database administrator usernames or passwords with any third parties. 7.) Password protecting access to any laptop or mobile device that this site’s administrator uses to connect to the website data or email accounts. 8.) Initiating network connections and making/receiving telephone and/or videoconference calls over networks operated by nationally recognized telecommunication and data service providers, such as AT&T and Google.

Site Cookies

The owner of this site takes privacy and data security seriously. The website collect a site cookie containing your I.P. address; if you click on a link to one of the partner sites that this sites links to (e.g. Amazon, VistaPrint, Youtube, Vimeo), the website to which you connect may also collect and store site cookies and/or your I.P. address. If you are engaging in activities on the websites operated by the owner of this site that involve the purchase of a product or service, credit card information will not be collected on this site, but rather you will be redirected to a credit card processing company (e.g. PayPal) where you can submit your credit card information. However, the information pertaining to your order (e.g. name, products/services you are ordering, phone number, address, email address, website address, any other information you submit on user forms


This website is maintained as an e-commerce website and for general information and education purposes only. None of the content presented on this site is intended as legal, tax, financial, insurance, real estate, or other professional advice, and does not necessarily represent the opinions of the owner of this website. Users of this website should not rely on the content on this site without consulting with an appropriate professional. Using this website or communicating with the owner of this website by web-form, telephone, email, text message, video-conference, or other method does not create an agency relationship or other contractual relationship with the owner of this site unless expressly agreed to by the owner of this website.

All Sales Final. No refunds.

Absent extraordinary circumstances, all sales are final, and no refunds are to be given. In the extraordinary situation that a refund is granted and the necessity of a refund is not the fault of the owner of this website, buyer shall be responsible for all shipping costs actually incurred, payment processing costs actually incurred, and for any degradation in value of the inventory item purchased and refunded.

Ownership, Indemnity and Choice of Law

This website is owned and operated by James V. Cardoza, individually and dba Cardoza Distributing. By using this website, you agreed to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless James Cardoza and any business owned or managed by James Cardoza related to your use or misuse of this website and its contents, unless such agreement to indemnity, defend, and hold harmless is prohibited by law or unless James Cardoza expressly agrees that you have no duty to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless James Cardoza and any business owned or managed by James Cardoza. By using this website, you agree that the laws of the State of California will be used to resolve any dispute that relates to or results from your use or misuse of this website or its contents. The liability of the operator of this website shall be limited to actual amount paid to the owner of this website for products or services.

Product Fulfillment and Shipping

The owner of this website may ship and deliver the products purchased directly or indirectly through this website directly, through third party drop shipping or fulfillment providers, or through common carriers such as USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx.  Shipping terms FOB common carrier for goods intended to be shipped by common carrier or by third party shipper, drop shipper, or distributor. Shipping terms are FOB destination for goods intended to be delivered directly by the owner of this website to their final destination. Buyer bears the risk of loss on all shipments.


The owner of this website intends for the content on this website to be reasonably accessible. If you are unable to access this website or its contents, please call: 1+ 559-492-6685 to request a reasonable accommodation.

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